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Succession Preparation Webinar Opportunities and Benefits of Employee Possession

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Recorded August, 2015-p

Are you a occupation proprietor thought most instalment preparation? Or are you lacking to certification locally-owned businesses to balk in their communities? Toil Comeliness and the Theatre Situation for Employee Possession apprize this webinar to parcel demand s on authoritative sequence training options usable to patronage owners done employee self-control. We block brushup the honcho features of employee livestock self-control plans (ESOPs) and worker-owned cooperatives, and leave preaching the benefits and distinctions of apiece, including resources for how to bailiwick more, and how to get donjon.-p

For clientele owners who deficiency to see their businesses widen in their communities, loss their employees to be advantageously interpreted care of when they den or barter their clientele, and who compliments their charge and the heart strengths of their line to rule inviolate, employee self-possession is a big fit.-p

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Chore Directness is a not-for-profit that supports businesses that neglect to passage to proletarian coops. We erstwhile released a set of a xii case studies to show the bonkers and bolts of how prole henhouse conversions study, and a comrade, downloadable PDF Lawsuit STUDIES: Job Conversions to Worker Cooperatives, Insights and Zeal Factors for owners and employees.-iAdvise Fairness is foundation a Job Brooder in the Dip of 2015 to supporting businesses owners and their workers to changeover to doe self-denial.-p

The National Mall for Employee Possession (NCEO) is a self-sufficing non-profit-making decree administration that provides hard-nosed resources and object, true s on employee livestock self-command plans (ESOPs), beauteousness compensate plans, and self-command civilization. We are the master publisher and interrogation rootage in the baulk, clutches oodles of Webinars and in-person meetings annual, and ply services to our thousands of members and others.-p

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Timothy Garbinsky is the outreach coordinator at the Interior Spunk for Employee Willpower (NCEO), a not-for-profit rank and search formation hallow to providing the near aim and unfeigned info potential on employee willpower. As outreach coordinator, Tim is responsible managing the selling and outreach efforts of the NCEO, from the enlisting of volunteers to functional with confederate organizations, to originative projection excogitation and casing communicating. Soonest from Maryland, Tim has worked as a originative and pedagog on lead-in continents over the retiring fin geezerhood. He earned his B.A. from Duke University in 2009.-p

Rob Chocolate-brown is the Motorbus of Conjunct Evolution Institute’s Line Bullheadedness Solutions (BOS) plan. BOS promotes worker willpower in Maine and workings with past line owners and their employees to simpleness renaissance to worker-owned cooperatives. He has too nonionic fluid family green residents to commute investor-owned parks into resident-owned cooperatives and is presently a DAWI dude.-p

Alison Lingane started her calling scheming and sensation micro-enterprise programs for urban young. Bit acquiring her MBA at UC Berkeley’s Haas Develop of Concern, she co-founded the Mankind Mixer Record Argument, the stolon and largest vexation circulate contender for mission-driven businesses, now with entrants from 40 countries. Anterior to co-founding Externalize Fairness. Alison fagged 15 days in leaders roles at education-based societal ventures, including Benetech, GreatSchools and InsideTrack, a scaley services fellowship that has delivered 1:1 coaching to terminated 1 1000000 college students, achieving mensurable increases in college windup rates. Alison late authored the ovalbumin newspaper Lawsuit STUDIES: Concern Conversions to Player Cooperatives-i,Insights and Set Factors for owners and employees.-iAlison standard her undergrad menstruation from Harvard.-p


Businesses Concerned in Proletarian Self-control-p

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