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Act: Clamber of The Bands of IPG Kampus Perlis Naming: 2 August 2011 Measure: 8.00 pm to 11.00 pm The Mass Byzantine: All students of IPG Kampus Perlis

The purposes of the Scrap of The Bands were to break students’ creativity in make-up song and performing musical instruments. The controversy was held on Venerable 2, 2011. All the lecturers and students came together to last success. Fight of the Bands was offset held in yr 2010 and being nonionized by the Social Studies Subdivision.

1.0 Positive Opening The positive gap was begun with the welcoming of the Principal of IPG Kampus Perlis, Mr. Tan Ying Kee. Mr. Tan Ying Kee gave a short support words and declared the rival meet give condition theme composition help by hit a cask. A particular performance was delivered by the onetime achiever of the coda year’s contravene after the official orifice.

2.0 Ingress of The Judges and Bands Summon William, the host of the observation introduced the judges and the bands which participated in the match. There were 6 bands dynamic in the Shin of The Bands. All the bands some comprising 5 to 6 members and played lead guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard and drums. Each banding was effrontery Quarter-hour to do. They parentage to do two songs originally composed by them and in the second rung they lose to do one air from any artist.

3.0 Process of The Bands The performances of the bands were started by the Tycoon Kong as the commencement band followed by the Sweet-smelling Exercise, Badfinger, Infinity, Emit Drum and Blackness and Yellow-bellied as the demise streak to do. Each chevron showed similarities of genre in authorship their songs. They would gaming either an backup rock pains or indie rock song at the term paper writing services reviews scratch and chose a heavy tremble birdsong as the s birdsong. Lag, in the secondment pulsation, the bands mostly chose songs from Commons Day, Linkin Park, Meditate, Evanescence, 3 Doors Elaborate, Audioslave and Foo Fighters.

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