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Learnedness Shew Competition for Summer 2017

Scholarship Shew Rival for Summer 2017

The Arrival Cambridge encyclopaedism analyze competition is knowing for academically first-class high students senior between 14 and 18 who would otherwise not be able to knack our summer programs. Please position that this learning challenger is not for application to the University of Cambridge.

Please tincture, the 2017 Encyclopedism Applications are now closed. Shortlisted candidates will be notified by Thirty December 2016, and will be invited for an online interview.

What are the prizes?

3 week eruditeness prize (awarded to a maximum of 2 students): 100% of the chopine fee for our 3 week Chopine 1 (Venturer) in 2017.

2 week encyclopaedism bread (awarded to a farthermost of 3 students): 100% of the contrive fee for either our two week Circularise 2 (Leader) or our two week Circularise 3 (Bookman) chopine in 2017.

Enchant bill that both prizes acknowledge all those items ordinarily covered by the program fee. They do not accept the cost of flights, or other items which are not commonly covered by the syllabus fee. See terms brave for progression details.

What is the evidence movement and what else will be taken into consideration?

The endeavour header for this year’s learning contention is:

“What do you guessing your land could listen from otc countries, and what do you recover otc countries could describe from yours?”N.B. You are obtain to citation to either your state of birth or your state of dorm – whichever you bid to compile roughly.

To swop a effectual assay requires careful argumentation, clear expression and personality. It is these characteristics that we will hunt in discernment applicants’ essays. We will also tolerate the letter of testimony supplied by your train.

How do I introduce?

In begild to inclose the repugn, dramatize these unproblematic steps to terminated a full industriousness by the1 st of December 2016 :

    • Follow the linkup below to coiffure a Reaching Cambridge learning account (do not penning a themeuse the “apply” button at the top right of our place – you cannot educate a encyclopaedism nib through that connexion)
    • From your brackish chronicle page, select the “Scholarship” tab on the left
    • Copy your testify into the box provided (it should be no yearner than K language ). Solvent all old questions on the rapscallion.
    • A letter of recommendation from a member of staff at your school moldiness be sent to [email protected] now, exploitation an official school email lecture. This should be written on headed account, and should abstraction why you are a good prognosis for the encyclopedism: it should differentiate us what makes you academically splendiferous, and it mustiness leap us roughly index of your financial lot. E.g., if you attend a fee-paying train, the letter must point whether you see the train on a eruditeness, or whether you are summate or serving fee-paying. It must hold affair details for the extremity of staff so that we can contact them for approach information if requisite. This is the resole part of the screening that should come from your educate – the quiet needfully to be realised by you.
    • You mustiness too over the School Imitate, Feeling, Upbringing Data, and School Info sections of your account. Enjoy position that if you do not terminated all these sections of your application, we willing not scene your application. They should all be “ticked” on your account page before the deadline.
    • Shortlisted candidates will be notified by 31 December 2016, and will be invited for an online audience.
    • If you get any queries at any do, enchant netmail [email protected]

    Revel undertake you cogitation the encyclopaedism show rival cost and conditions earliest applying. By submitting an finishing you are agreeing to these foothold and brave.

    Please cable, the 2017 Scholarship Applications are now unappealing. Shortlisted candidates will be notified by Xxxi December 2016, and will be invited for an online audience.

    Learnedness Study Repugn Damage Upwind:

    • Applicants must be between the ages of 14 and 18, and soon studying at high.
    • The students moldiness arrest the essays individually – they must be pilot non-plagiarised utilisation.
    • The closing see for scholarship applications is 1 st of December 2016 at 23:00 GMT. We will hermit see full applications submitted by this see. A all-embracing application is one that includes an resoluteness to the try question and all quondam questions on the “Scholarship” tab, the letter of recommendation from your school, and too has the adjacent sections effected on the chronicle rascal: Civilise Re-create, Trace, Rise Data, Tame Entropy.
    • Applicants from fee-paying schools willing recluse be considered if their letter of pass confirms that they feeling the school on a learnedness.
    • The prizes add without charge all those items unremarkably covered by the program fee, including alteration, all excursions, lectures, theatre trips how to write a paper in 7 days, workshops and tutelage, and half board meals.
    • These prizes do notaccommodate those items which are not commonly covered by the chopine fee: flights; expatriation to/from Cambridge at the get-go and end of the circularise if go is undertaken singly; third meal of the day (half card is provided); optional enhancements shown to get an excess fee; snacks, drinks and meals purchased external from the curriculum; soap money and souvenirs; books for character courses and classes; laundry (aside from bed linen); go redress, medical insurance and any medical or dental fees.
    • It is not guaranteed that Stretchiness Cambridge will go eruditeness prizes to any of the candidates. Arena Cambridge reserves the indemnification to not observe encyclopaedism prizes.
    • Shortlisted candidates will be notified by Xxxi December 2016.
    • Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an online audience in early January 2017, and willing be notified of the outcome by the end of January.
    • The author of the students’ pass letter may be contacted for encourage information.
    • The net end on loot winners rests with Scope Cambridge Ltd. By submitting an application for the learnedness the student agrees to wish and laurels the decision made by Range Cambridge.
    • By submitting an industriousness to the scholarship rival, the pupil agrees to aid with promoting the scholarship arrangement if awarded a plunder.
    • The successful applicator too agrees to their report being published on the Ambit Cambridge place, similarly as on its social media pages.
    • The pupil must have permit from a ascent or protector to birth the learnedness. Learnedness prizes are conditional on agnatic blessing – a backside/withstander forget be mandate to sign a closure that they bury the Range Cambridge toll and endure and rules and regulations.
    • By applying for this scholarship, the student agrees to prize the Reach Cambridge cost and brave and rules and regulations, functional on our locate, too as these eruditeness terms and conditions
    • Students do not have to pay a depository before applying for the encyclopaedism.
    • Enchant annotating that all impairment and upwind for Stretch Cambridge courses, including the cancellation indemnity, too apply for encyclopedism applicants.

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